Meet the Team

Meet the Owners: 

Olivia Harris & Huckleberry Royce


Olivia was born and raised here in Syracuse, NY. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration.

Olivia lived all over the country, including Arizona (her favorite), Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Texas, North Carolina, and California.

Olivia has always loved animals and wanted to be a zookeeper. She worked at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo as a volunteer for 6 years in the Domesticated Animal Barn, working with llamas, ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, guinea hogs, and a dog. This is where she began her experience in professional animal handling and began learning to train domesticated animals.

Olivia started this company in 2019 so she could combine her passions of business and animals. We want to offer the best level of service and care to dogs (and other animals) and provide the most enriching, satisfying lives possible for them. A high level of attention to detail, compassion for animals, integrity, and trust, and exceptional training and behavioral development are what we would want for ourselves, so that's what we've created.  


Huckleberry, formally known as Sir Huckleberry Royce, but you can call him Huckle. He is an English Chocolate Lab, and he was born in the Catskills in 2010. He is 13-years-old. His dog parents are The Duke of Delaware and Silver Steers Porsche. 

He attended Cornell University with his mom and has a degree in Being A Good Boy.

His favorite things to do are chew on sticks in the yard, go swimming, go on walks with his mom or granny, eat snacks all day from his granny, go on adventures, and get kisses from his mom. He also loves napping and eating all snacks, especially bananas and berries.

Meet the Structured Handlers:


Assistant Trainer and Head Hiker

Amelia was destined to be a dog trainer from a young age. She has been working with dogs since she was just a kid and even took it a step further--she would hold agility shows with her own dogs and sell tickets to neighbors to come watch her perform with her dog. 

Amelia is from Syracuse, NY and has spent most of her life here. She spent a couple years in Boston recently, came back to Syracuse, and immediately found a job with us at Huckleberry--a perfect fit.

Amelia has shown an aptitude for training and behavioral work with dogs since her first day on the job, and she currently is our most advanced structured handler and Assistant Trainer to Olivia. She is also our Head Hiker. You can find her spending at least half her weekly hours in the woods with dogs. You will see her in various locations throughout the county, too.

Amelia is involved in basic services like walks and hikes, but you will also meet her at behavioral consultations with Olivia, doing leash training, basic training, off leash and hiking training, e-collar work, exposure training (day trains), and more.

You'll also meet her Assistant, Montiview aka Monty an English Springer Spaniel. Monty helps keeps everyone in line on hikes, is an honorary doodle on our doodle pack, and acts as a neutral demo dog to help us with nervous dogs who don't love dog-on-dog interaction.


Operations Support Manager

Robyn has always loved animals from a young age; from horse back riding to always having multiple cats and dogs at home. She even owned her own horse!

She’s from a small town in upstate NY, Ogdensburg, and she graduated from SUNY Oswego. She then pursued a career in the restaurant and hospitality industry. After having her daughter, Maeve, she needed a change of pace and a different work/life balance and took a scary step leaving the corporate world behind and hasn’t looked back since! She loves the everyday, outdoor exercise and relationship building with pets to enrich their lives--and their owners lives.

You can usually find Robyn in the southern part of the country like Marcellus, Onondaga Hill, and Skaneateles. She is our Operations Support Manager and supports the daily operation throughout our entire service area.


Structured Handler

You can find Cole in Fayetteville, Manlius, Dewitt, and Jamesville.


Structured Handler

Taylor is new to the team and you can currently find her all over the Syracuse area.


Structured Handler

You can find Mairead in Camillus, Onondaga Hill, Fairmount, Marcellus, and Skaneateles.

Meet the Handlers, Pet Care Associates, and Overnight Sitters:


Handler and Overnight Sitter

Carly is a handler and an overnight sitter.

You can find Carly in all areas. She travels everywhere for overnight pet sitting.


Overnight Sitter

Sean is an overnight sitter.

Sean can be found mostly in Skaneateles but also travels to other areas.

Handler and Overnight Sitter

Trina travels everywhere! You can most frequently find her in East Syracuse, North Syracuse, or Camillus.


Brandan can be found on the Camillus/Onondaga Hill side of town as well as Liverpool


Audrey can be found working in the Onondaga Hill, Camillus, and Downtown areas!

Pet Care Associate

Adam is a Pet Care Associate who helps with pet sitting visits, some overnights, and the occasional daytime walk. You can find him in the Camillus/Marcellus/Skaneateles area.

Pet Care Associate

Dennis can be found in Camillus and Fairmount and sometimes Skaneateles.


Leona is a Olivia's mom/Huckleberry's Granny and can be found helping mostly in the Camillus and Onondaga Hill areas.

And meet our Administrative and Sales Assistant


Julie can be found in Camillus, doing a lot of behind the scenes work. If you reach out to us via email or phone, Julie will be the one helping you! Her dog Sampson is the Huckleberry Assistant to the Assistant.