How does our program work? 

Our program offers all the benefits of personalized training and full biological satisfaction--but we deliver this lifestyle service straight to your dog every week, at convenient times and always include a bathroom break.

Dogs are complex, needy creatures just like us, and living in this busy world doesn't always allow humans enough time to fully satisfy their dog's needs. When you don't meet your dog's needs, your dog can develop behavioral problems or feel unhappy. Understanding your dog's true needs and making sure they're met is where we come in. We believe strongly in a true level of biological satisfaction for all dogs that centers around being in nature, structure, your relationship, and your leadership. To get there, we must begin with discipline, training, and clear communication.

Our program begins with a training package for most dogs (no exceptions for puppies under 6 months), and then continues with weekly services to maintain overall behavior and to provide the best possible level of satisfaction to your dog. Your dog can expect to get exercise, both physical and mental, (and always a bathroom break). Your dog's experience will encompass structured walking, higher exertion exercise when applicable, structured play, lots of enrichment through the environment, and a focus on state of mind including engagement with handler and relaxation. 

For dogs who need to develop basic skills, we begin with Leash Training or Obedience Training. For walking services, each dog will be evaluated on their leash skills at either the meet and greet or during their first walk. For dogs with behavioral problems, we begin with a consultation and then behavioral training. If your dog has any behaviors like jumping or pulling or an inability to focus or calm down, basic service will not be offered until we can complete a training package and help your dog with those initial skills. If your dog has already trained with another trainer, and we deem his behavior compatible with our services, he can begin our program without initial training. 

There is a New Client Setup Fee for clients without an initial training package, and sometimes a lockbox fee (or you can provide your own--for apartment buildings with specialty keys/fobs and walk/drop-in clients without regular schedules and without digital access method).

Dog Walking and Drop-in Visits

Flexible and recurring weekly schedules available! We offer walks in 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute increments. Dog walks are available for one (1) or more dogs in the same household. Services are scheduled in time blocks (see home page for time block info), not at exact times. 

This service is great for anyone who is looking for extra exercise and attention for their dog, with a goal of strengthening training and overall "good" behavior, and providing more exercise. We can provide this service whether you're away working long hours or working from home, or just out and busy.

We also offer drop-in visits for your dog. During your drop-in visit, your pup can be fed, played with, brushed, loved, or walked--or all of the above! We offer these visits in the same time increments as walks, and we can devote that time to your dog however he/she needs.

*Clients with recurring schedules will receive discounts on their services* For our main service areas, recurring schedules must have at least 1 service per week every week. For areas outside of our main area, recurring schedules must have at least 3 services per week to receive a discount.

In-Home Pet Sitting for Dogs

If you're going away and can't take your pets with you, don't fret! We offer in-home packages for dogs (and cats; contact us for other animals!)

For dogs, we offer (3-4) daily drop-in visits, dependent on your location and our availability. Service starts in the morning 7-9am and ends at night 8-10pm. This service includes feeding and water, play time, exercise, attention, etc. We will also collect your mail. 

If (3) visits are offered, each visit will be 30 minutes. Includes 30 minute walk daily.

If (4) visits are offered, (3) will be 20 minute visits and (1) will be a 30 minute walk. 

Overnight Package for Dogs

If your dog would feel more comfortable having a human spend the night with him, we offer optional overnights as an add-on to our house-sitting package! Overnight service includes a sitter in your home from about 7pm through the next morning, and 2 visits throughout the day.

If you are looking for only overnight care (maybe your dogs are used to long days without humans, and this is their norm) we can offer this service as a more cost-effecitve option, too. This overnight service includes a sitter in your home 7pm through the next morning and includes feeding and water, potty breaks, and attention for your pup during this time.

*We do not allow job-sharing. This is for the safety and care of your animals, and it is is not covered under our liability insurance.*

Pet Sitting Drop-in Visits for Cats

For cats, we offer (1) or (2) daily drop-in visits which include feeding and water, litter box cleaning, play time, and some attention. We will also collect your mail. We can offer 30 minute or 45 minute visits.

Individual Adventure Hikes

This service is for (1) or more dog in the same household and includes pick up/drop off service and 90 minutes of active hiking and working. Your can expect to hike, play, sniff, romp, and learn! We work on confidence-building, exposure new new places and things, and relaxation. This service is on-leash, but dogs can drag a long cable dependent on your dog's behavior and the location we choose.

This service can be scheduled for any day/time of your choosing. The location we choose for this service is dependent on your location! We will travel within (6) miles of your home to get to our adventure location. If you wish for your dog to go somewhere specific that is farther away, additional travel fees will apply. Adventure locations are parks, conservation areas, or hiking trails where a higher level of stimulation is offered for your dog to enjoy.

Examples of our adventure locations include Erie Canal in Camillus; Pratts Falls in Manlius; Santaro Park in Onondaga Hill; Skaneateles Conservation Area in Skaneateles.

Pack Hikes

An amazing group adventure! Dogs must be on a weekly schedule with us to participate in Group Adventure Hikes in order to keep our pack consistent. Dogs can expect to be picked up/dropped off from their homes before/after the service and ride to a hiking location. We are actively working for 2+ hours during this service-2 hours of hiking, playing, smelling, romping, and learning; and unloading/reloading and relaxation protocol. Overall length of this service is 3-4 hours including pick up/drop off service.

In order to join this service, your dog must complete our evaluation process and be successful at each level before progressing to the next level: 

*(2) 30 minute walks with us, then

*(1) individual hike, then

*(1) buddy hike with us (a buddy hike includes another dog who is a pro at our hikes) 

This is to get your dog familiarized with us and to begin building a relationship of trust. Pack hikes are high-stimulation environments, and it's important that your dog is willing to engage with us and be a team player.This process allows us to evaluate his social skills and confirm he is a candidate for the group. This is for the safety of all dogs.


Dogs must be social and get along with other dogs both off-leash and on-leash and be capable of being in a confined area close to others (inside vehicles). 

Dogs must be physically capable of 2+ hours of serious activity (This service is geared at healthy young dogs to adult dogs. If you have an older dog, we would love to offer our shorter individual adventure hike service to him! Dogs who have certain underlying medical issues will not be able to participate in the group setting and can also enjoy our individual hikes instead).

Dogs must have a foundation of basic obedience and solid recall. 

Dogs must not exhibit any signs of aggression. Any dogs with mild reactivity problems will be required to wear a muzzle. Serious reactivity problems will exclude dogs from being group hike candidates. At any point in time that a dog is exhibiting dangerous behavior on a hike, he will be immediately muzzled for the safety of other dogs, and a conversation will follow after the hike concludes.

If your dog is not good with others or has aggressive tendencies, we are happy to offer our individual adventure hike service to him! If your dog does not have a solid level of basic training, we will require basic training in advance of joining the pack hike service. The amount required would depend on your dog's current training level. If your dog does not have great recall, we will require more individual hikes, where we will get your dog to a solid level of recall.

If your dog passes the individual hike evaluation with flying colors and has solid obedience and recall, then he is ready to join the pack!

Pet Taxi Service

If your dog has a very important appointment to get to, but you've got other plans, we can help. We offer a pet transport service for dogs and cats. We can transport your pets to the vet, groomer, boarding facility, a friends house, etc.

Dogs will be restrained using our dog-safe seat-belts while in vehicles, and cats must be contained in carriers. We offer an animal insurance policy to protect against any unforeseen accidents.