All policies are available to current customers in your client management portal. This is accessible through the Time to Pet app as well as here, TimetoPet.com

For your reference, here are our cancelation policies for individual services and in-home pet sitting.

Cancelation Policy for Individual Services and Training:

Walks, hikes, drop-in visits, training sessions-- these must be canceled in advance to avoid cancelation fees. Any cancelations on weekends or after 5pm will be considered as the next business day. Full charge if canceled after 5pm the business day before, or same day. Continued instances of canceling recurring services after Thursday 5pm will result in $5 Late Booking Fee for each service.

For In-Home Pet-Sitting: 

25% deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable (50% for holiday services, school breaks, and last-minute bookings)

Cancelation 72 hours or less--first/next 3 days are charged in full and remaining days are charged at your deposit rate (25% or 50%)  If you decide to come home early during your booked trip, the next 72 hours from time of communication will be charged in full and the remainder will be your deposit rate

Cancelation 73 hours in advance or more-- 25% or 50% of total service (your deposit rate)

For in-home pet-sitting services booked within 7 days of service start time/date, services will be subject to 10% up-charge of total service, and the deposit will be 50% of total service

When we book pet-sitting services, it requires adjusting daily clients and scheduling staff members well in advance, and they must plan their schedule and personal lives around this service. It also limits our ability to book other services during that window. 

While we understand that plans change and sometimes it may be out of your control, we do have a strict policy about cancelations for these services because it affects our ability to successfully operate as a business. Canceling your trip due to illness does not change our cancelation policy, and we recommend acquiring travel insurance if you feel there is a chance you will need to cancel.