Welcome to Balanced Training

Thanks for checking out our training page! If you're looking for help with your dog, whether that's obedience, overall behavior, leash skills, helping a new rescue settle in, or teaching your dog to be off-leash, you have come to the right place. 

We offer Balanced Training. This means that we use both positive-reinforcement methods in training--such as offering treats--and negative-reinforcement, such as offering a correction from a prong collar. You can think of this method like rewarding your child for getting good grades, but grounding him when he skips class. We want to teach your dog that all of his choices and behaviors result in consequences, either positive or negative. By using this method, you can clearly communicate to your dog what sorts of behaviors you like--such as being calm when guests enter the house and earning praise for doing so--and which behaviors are not acceptable--like jumping on guests when they enter the house, which results in being crated until calm.

We often use prong collars and slip leads during the training process. We also use treats and kibble and fun!

Our training program is all about teaching you how to be a leader to your dog, setting expectations for him, and following through so you can have the best relationship and both live your best lives, together. This part of training is just as important as teaching your dog, and you must be ready to put in the time and work if you want to see a change.

Training Services

Consultation- $200 - 2 Hours in your home, with owner(s) and dog(s), where we discuss your challenges, goals, and begin instruction. You must start your training program with a consultation (unless you are purchasing only the Leash Skills Package). If you purchase a Behavior Package, the consultation is discounted by $50.

3 Hour Consultation-$275

2 Hour Private Training - $165- 2 Hour session with owner(s) and dog(s) where we instruct and work on your training program together

75 Minute Private Training - $100 - 75 Minute sessions with owner(s) and dog(s) where we instruct and work on your training program together. 

Bundle of 5 Hrs of Private Training Sessions - $400 *Must start with a bundle*

60 Minute Trainer-Dog 1:1 Session- $60 - 60 Minute session during the daytime with trainer and dog only, no owner. This session will focus on practice and advancing work from your training program. We will work inside or outside your home depending on your needs.

Bundle of (5) 60 Minute Trainer-Dog Sessions- $300 *Must start with a bundle*

Day Train - $80 - 2 Hour session during the daytime with trainer and dog only, no owner. Think of this session as a practice session. We will usually work outside your home and may take your dog to a store or park, etc. to advance his training and work with distractions. This is also a great weekly option for anyone with a high-strung dog who is not able to provide enough stimulation for their dog on their own.

Training Walks - $36/$43 - 30/45 minute walks where we specifically teach leash skills

Package of (6) 30 Minute Training Walks - $200 -Must be used within 30 days of purchase

Bundle of (6) 45 Minute Training Walks - $245- Must be used within 30 days of purchase

We also offer three behavior packages and two basic packages, shown below.

Basic Training Packages 

Basic Training Packages expire 6 months from purchase date and are best used in 6-8 weeks

Leash Skills Package-$350- Our most popular package! Do you dread walking your dog because he pulls, lunges, or doesn't pay attention? If so, this package is for you. This is designed to improve your dog's leash skills and is best suited for dogs 6 months and older. This package takes about 30 days to complete. If you're a new client, this package is $390. This includes your new client setup, meet and greet, and either a training collar or slip lead with your leash skills package.

Includes (6) Training Walks and (2) Private Sessions, and (1) training collar or (1) slip lead

*$220 to add a second dog to this package-includes another (6) training walks and an additional collar or slip lead

Obedience Package-$400- This package teaches basics, leadership skills, arousal regulation, and obedience training. Great for puppies, new rescues, or adults who need a touch up on their skills. Standard topics covered are potty training for puppies; threshold/crate/place/impulse control; obedience work/marker training; leash skills; structured play and enrichment. Includes a Huckleberry slip lead.

Includes a 60 min consultation, (4) 30 min sessions, (4) 60 min sessions

Extension Options for Obedience Package

*$250 to add a second dog to this package-includes another (4) 30 min sessions, (2) 60 min private sessions, and an additional slip lead

*$130 for an additional (4) 30 min sessions–can be used for more trainer-only training work

*$200 for a bundle of (4) 60 min basic training sessions to extend your basic training (Start with Obedience Package)

Behavioral Packages 

Behavioral Training and Packages expire 1 year from purchase date

Basic Behavior Package-$600- This package is designed for the hands-on owner who is ready to put in the work needed to have a great dog. It focuses on in-person instruction, where you are responsible for the practice and advancement of skills.

Includes (1) Consultation, (1) Day Train OR (2) 45 minute Training Walks, (4) 60 minute Private Sessions, and (1) Training Collar

Total Behavior Package-$950- This package is designed for the busy owner who needs help with instruction and the practice/implementation. We offer in-person instruction as well as trainer-dog one-on-one practice sessions. It focuses on overall behavior, proper structure and mental stimulation, and leash skills. Also includes a training collar.

Includes a (1) Consultation, (4) 60 minute private sessions, (3) Day Trains, (2) 60 minute Trainer-Dog 1:1 Sessions, (2) 45 minute Training Walks, and (1) Training Collar

Perfect Behavior Package-$1450- This package is designed for the involved owner who wants to incorporate their dog into all parts of their life and is looking for an advanced level of training. This package features trainer-only work, lots of in person private instruction sessions, hiking services to learn trail etiquette, and training walks. Includes training collar.

Includes a (1) Consultation, (8) 30 minute trainer-only sessions, (3) day trains, (3) individual adventure hikes, (2) 45 minute training walks, (6) 60 minute private sessions, (1) training collar